Synthetic Chemicals: Natural Selection of Human?

This morning, when I was collecting some information of DEHP, an interesting phrase catches my attention: The Disappearing Male. It’s the name of a Canadian documentary, which introduces the fact and harms chemicals have caused. Have finding the video online, I finished watching it just now. A lot of ideas in it made me in deep thought.

Nowadays, synthetic chemicals are everywhere around us. When referring to "chemicals", there’s no doubt that many people will think it fearful, but the fact is, as even more people don’t realize it, that we are just living in a world which would molder without chemicals. From early 1900s, as synthetic chemistry was developed, people were all attempting to benefit from it, rather than understand it from both good and bad sides. A metaphor in the video is penetrating, which says, "The current situation is just like the Titanic. We know the iceberg is just in front of us, but it’s so late that most of us aren’t interested to come about." Please imagine a world, where you have no plastic or rubber, which means your computer, toys, and even water bottles can only be made of metals, ceramics, or wood. The importance of synthetic chemicals is also so obvious that, we get accustomed to enjoying food which is full with additives. Every people hate them but cannot leave them, it’s the fact.

As we are told, chemicals are such harmful things that we shouldn’t approach to it, but we are being in control of them anytime and anywhere. They hide in our body, do harm to us, lead physical-weak people to die. It’s not a strange thing that industrial chemicals are found inside our body, but it’s very scary, just as it sounds. For example, DEHP and Bisphenol A, as two kind of important industrial chemicals, are widely used in producing plastic. To make PVC, a kind of plastic we are familiar with, more flexible, DEHP and other phthalates are added to it. Bisphenol A has a familiar effect in "PC". Because of PVC’s excellent performance, it’s usually used to produce limber toys and medical equipment. It’s such a good chance to make money, that industry rapidly developed with only 15 percent of products examined. Scientific researches indicate that, the effusion quantity of DEHP from medical pipes to babies is far more than the maximum that they can accept. And DEHP was found an absolutely bad effect on male’s genital system. So is Bisphenol A. Their harms were detected in 1930s, about 80 years ago! But now we are using it just as nothing happened. Many statistics proved human’s increasing difficulty in giving born to a child, and birthrates of boys are fast decreasing. The irreversible consequence is even more than what you can imagine. What adds to the tragedy is the blind eye of industry and government. Canada is the first country to make Bisphenol A to the harmful list, but it was already 2008. I am concerned about and wondering what human’s future will be.

The documentary explains why it can develop to today’s condition. It’s a simple answer: Money. Just as cigarette industry did, chemical industry announced no harm about their products. When facing questions of public, they spent money and got a result "no harm", although almost every examinations which were not subsidized by them showed problems. Also, government is too silly in front of industry, and they always want to "educate public".

Moreover, I don’t know how many people know the resources of every synthetic products are all the same: petroleum. And I don’t know, if people know petroleum industry is uncontrollable. Separating different ingredients from petroleum, air and water pollution follows it. People say they know "environment protection", but in most these cases they think it has nothing to do with their own property, so "environment protection" becomes "all talk and no cider". Lack of environmental awareness makes it irreversible, and tragic.

Synthetic chemical industry, the industry developed by our knowledge, brings benefits to us, and is doing harm to us stealthily and endlessly. It’s vital to assume responsibility for us, and we should realize the punishment nature gives us human. If the situation continues, true irreversible entropy is waiting for us.

"A Mom shouldn't have to be chemical engineer. That's not her job. Or a Dad shouldn't have to be, but we all forced the responsibility on them. Ridiculous!"

The most interesting thing in the universe is to see the winter of human, where there only remains indifference.

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